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making art work

art workshops

We have helped to conduct art workshops with various groups, including refugees, street children and victims of civil war. Workshops normally last for 5 days, with two hi facilitators and 15-20 participants.

For some people, making art can have a therapeutic value. Image making can act as a form of self expression. Participating in an art workshop enables people to develop their creativity and self confidence. It may, also, direct peoples' thoughts away from recent negative experiences. Or it may allow people the opportunity to depict some of their experiences and, perhaps, contribute to their recovery from trauma. And it is fun.

hi art workshops usually expose participants to a wide range of low-cost art techniques, which are easy for non-artists to learn. These include:-

• drawing • painting • collage • monoprinting • simple African batik • silkscreen printing • linocutting • making art from waste materials • making papier mache puppets

UK workshops on African art

We also conduct African art workshops for schools and community organisations in the UK. These are normally one-day or half-day sessions during which students can see and examine some examples of African art, both contemporary and traditional. Participants make their own images inspired by resource artefacts and pictures from many different African countries.