• Ethiopia

    HIV/Aids counsellors prepare
    visual materials for use in their
    communication work with
    local communities
  • Liberia

    People leaving their homes
    to become refugees during the
    14-year civil war
  • Thai/Burma border

    Students at the Karen
    Teachers' Training College
    at work on visual aids
    about local health issues
  • Zambia

    Health workers present a
    puppet show for learning
    about health

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or telephone +44 1986 784 402


what we do

healthimages (hi) was founded in 1988 to promote the use of graphics in educational and creative projects around the world. We provide training in the production and use of interactive, people-centred visual aids for participatory communication about health, environment and community development.

We also help to conduct art workshops and carry out consultancy work on materials development, digital graphics and community art.

hi is based in the UK and has successfully collaborated with groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We have worked with international NGOs such as Oxfam, Care International, The British Council and UNICEF, as well as with grassroots organisations in several countries.